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Born in the shadows, somewhere between the rollercoaster and the carousel, The Moon Kids describe their sound as "fairground pop", a trashy, thrashy, neon-lit affair that's bright, bolshy and destined to make your heart beat a little faster.

Their debut release - The Moon Kids EP - is a perfect introduction to their world of punk-rock love affairs, adrenaline highs and those late, late nights when anything can happen. 





And then there's the darkness. The undertow running through songs like Rollercoaster People, Carousel or Kootch Punk is what happens when the carnival is over, when the shadows turn inky black and the night closes in. When your heart starts to pound in your chest like a bird in a box ...


The Moon Kids are David Barr (vox/guitar), Connor Whyte (guitar),

and Rory Buchanan (drums). 




"Songs that go straight to the heart of melodic British pop music."
                                                                                     The Herald


"The Moon Kids are putting their individual stamp on pop music as we know it."                                                                                                 Gutter Magazine


"Luna Park will be swimming around in your head for the next two weeks." 



"A debut EP winning them fans in flourishes and a bolshy presence to boot."  



"Chiming melodies and dark undercurrents." 



"A cavalcade of pop brilliance."

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